Thunder Valley Anarchy!

Raid, Kill And Steal!

Location:USUnited States
Type:PvPRaidingFactionsSurvivalGriefingCustom mod packTechnic launcher
Players: 0/100
Checked: Disabled
Score: 0
Votes: 0

Server Type : Pvp Faction Anarchy!

Discord :

World Size : 6000x6000

Launcher type :

Modpack :

Rules: None! (well don't dupe or crash server. Use common sense!) Griefing is allowed and so is raiding!

Protections : Faction, Security system.

Info : This modpack is a big modpack and requires a decent computer to run. Set your ram in the technic launcher to high as you can afford.

If you have any trouble getting into the server join the discord and we will be sure to help.