The best Minecraft survival experience for any recent game version.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/20
Checked: Disabled
Score: 8
Votes: 1 | hard+ insane custom world generation, semi vanilla survial with full render distance | crossplay/backwards compatabillity support. | Striclty survival gamemode with an easy whitelist process. | Modded hard+ survival gameplay with some fancy mods for java players, and full support for bedrock minecraft. | Join on any platform.

-Easy whitelist process

-No ranks or Pay2Win features.

-Extra Hard mobs

-Hard+ mode.


-Craftory Tech plugin.

-/trade, /skin, /nickname, /chatcolor, and more.

-Unforgiving item steal on death.

-Small circular world, 4000 block radius pre-generated and mapped.

-Block physics + treefelling

-Anti creeper grief.

-Single player sleep.

-Vanilla tweaks datapack.

-Full 3d dynamic render of the map.

-Full survival with advancements.

-Completely Overhauled world generation using a cutom version of terra world generator and some custom mods.

-Dynamic Render distance for optimum performance.

-Solid State Storage for fast load times.

-Minimal rules. Hacking allowed. Basing allowed. PVP allowed. No griefing or backdoors. That's it.

You need either a Java account or an Xbox account to play here. Cracked accounts are disallowed.