The Five Kingdoms

Origins SMP

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Come and join our DnD inspired origins SMP, the server is rapidly growing and we are looking for new good members who want to play and have fun. See some of the custom races classes and hand picked mod pack. You can play most of anything you can think of or suggest something to be added. We have.... Dwarves, elfs, tieflings, dragonborns, monsters, orcs, gnomes, and so much more! All the origins have been custom built by the owner and many of the powers are created from high ranking coders. Our origins are unique to this server Human wizard? Amazing combination! Play the wise old wizard who is like IDK 200 years old and can call down lightning on your enemies or spend XP to do cool things. Warforaged barbarian? Strong tank for our upcoming events. Vampire monk? great speed and attack tempo! just be careful of the sun. Factions?You know it! See the great wood kingdom and the ever expanding Hell empire. Make your own if you gain enough followers even!Join the Discord and post in IGN channel to join the whitelist. and be sure to read the #rules channel