The Darklands Reforged

Fantasy inspired modpack with actual darkness

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Players: 0/200
Checked: Disabled
Score: 12
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The Darklands Reforged

Welcome to a world of darkness, magic, and all kinds of creatures, beasts and monsters. The world is a dark unforgiving place, the world gets slightly brighter as the moon is fuller.  

After many decades of wandering, mining and looting in the Darklands, many of its people have started to progress and evolve toward a brighter future. Choose your Origin and gain powers the darklands rarely see. Build your own kingdom, or join an already established one. The world is yours for the taking. if you can manage to take it...

Loot dungeons and kill bosses to collect all 11 eyes to unlock the end portal and fight that pesky dragon. Build a kingdom full of npcs and players alike with minecolonies. Be a fish. Anything is possible in the Darklands, but death is most certain.