Rust Valley Server

Cross-play and cross-version support!

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Rust Valley Server

Rust Valley is a network related to a Minecraft server in which a small community of players resides. 

All this based on a cross-play server with Java Edition allowing Bedrock customers to join at the same time. 

Before starting we want to tell you that our service is still under development, and we will be aware of what our community wants to share with us, we thank you in advance for all the support you decide to give us 🙂

After briefly describing what our service is about, we want to tell you in more detail about the functions we currently have:

Rust Valley is a server, which, unlike others, is a Java server that allows Bedrock users to access from their respective devices without problems. In addition, our server is paid, so it will remain open all day, every day from its launch.

Since we have just started working on the server distribution in Internet services such as, or related, our community is currently reduced, but we are working to give them the best possible service, so, in case you prefer it, you will be welcome just like all new ones

Another of the main characteristics that make our service stand out is that we are currently using and constantly working on keeping the server updated with respect to the updates and changes that Mojang makes in the Snapshots of 1.18, this means that, by default the server will start generating a terrain as if you were in 1.18, with the new generation of mountains and caves, all this using the latest official release for Java and Bedrock higher than 1.17

And well, before finishing, we want to make it clear that the server is always being updated and we apply many changes to it, so we openly recommend that you enter the Discord or WhatsApp group so that you can keep up to date with the update and changes that are made day by day on the server , in addition to being in those groups, you will have eligibility to be able to export your progress with the map changes and thus not lose your progress. You can access both groups from the server's website below. Don't forget it!