S&R Vanilla SMP

The Best Vanilla Server

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Score: 31
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S&R Vanilla SMP

-In this S.M.P there are basically no plugins at all.

-The server is approximately 5 months old and will hopefully never wipe and not close for a long time.

-Players will get the most vanilla server experience while stealing and griefing is still prevented among other server rules.

-Our economy is based on diamonds and is a free market.

-This server always updates to the most recent versions as soon as they become available.

-All grief / steal prevention is done manually without any auto-moderation plugins.

-All rule breaking is corrected with CoreProtect.

-Everything in our server has been built by many different people in the correct vanilla manner without any creative mode or cheats.

-Because this server is self hosted its always a W.I.P. We test new things nearly every week to see what people like and what works.

-I actively try to find new ways to make our hardware go further.