Venture Vanilla

Venture Vanilla is a brand new survival server

Players: 91/200
Checked: 2 minutes ago
Votes: 17

Venture Vanilla is a brand new survival server that aims to bring you the original Minecraft experience. After years of being flooded with Factions, Skyblock, and Minigame servers, the Minecraft community has lost it's roots. Venture Vanilla offers players endless fun. Our goal is a give you a server with no guidelines, no expectations, and minimal plugins. However, a few features that make this server unique are:

- /Trade

- /Backpack

- /Event

- No sethomes, warps, or tpas

- The map will never reset!


12 December 2019 07:32

awesome server with some great players! If you are a member of this server contact windorabug to join the union.

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