Waffles World

Custom made mobpack, easy to join, towny like world with lots of fun things to do and custom quest.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/100
Checked: Disabled
Score: 15
Votes: 4

Just a small friendly server looking for some more players and friends.The discord and server are watch throughly to prevent toxicity for a healthy community.Enjoy a world where you can explore dungeons and large caves.Want to automatically get ores? There's minersWant to farm quicker? There are tractors!We have roads and vehicles.

Not much for exploring though? Thats okay! We have many buildings blocks, a beautiful town, beautiful world, and lots of furnitures!Not to mention you can have your own store! Learn about demand and watch out for shop lifters. Put locks on the doors!Still not impressed? You have to go through a main quest line to even go to the nether or end. Those who can go will make more money. Not to mention there are other dimesions that dont require permissions.This is a large modpack of 300+ modDespite this, it runs incredibly smooth. I even run it with shaders prefectly fine with 16 gb on my system.The Discord also has a help channel, market place, votes, resonable rules, a council for decisions, and much more.

Come play today and have fun!