A fun recreation of Super Smash Bros!

Players: 4/100
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 2

The Minezone server has a new unique gamemode called "Super Craft Bros".

Super Craft Bros (SCB) has double jump, many different kits and multiple gamemodes. Double jump allows for vertical PVP which adds an entire dimension to the typical 2D PVP. The kits are designed after many different minecraft mechanics such as a TNT class, Chicken class, and more! The server is new join today via <minezone.club> or <minezone.apexmc.co>. 

We also have a Discord Server with over 80 users so if there aren't any players online, you can ask other players to join & play! You can also interact with the community on our Discord. 

Hope you consider joining our server and have fun playing our gamemode! :)