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Location:USUnited States
Players: 16/200
Checked: Disabled
Score: 27
Votes: 68
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====== Lifesteal Network =====

Come join the Lifesteal SMP to enjoy yourself and become the strongest in the server!

About the server:

The Lifesteal experience without feeling bored! We create new content that will promise you a good experience everyone looking for a minecraft server! Its PVP , PVM, Custom plugins and everything combined to give you a good experience.

What does this server have compared to other servers:

We have more content than any other lifesteal server. We create content so you wont get bored unlike any other vanilla lifesteal SMP server. We have custom Prestige lifesteal, Dungeons , Custom mob bosses , and alot of things so you dont get bored grinding in this server. We care about the players.

What is lifesteal?

Lifesteal is a plugin that has the main feature of transfering hearts when you kill someone or die to a player. This will result in heavy pvp action , drama , friendships and wars for the players playing this minecraft server.


Drop down the spawn island and start pvping. Many players on this lifesteal SMP server want to kill you and there is alot of PVP Action to be found! When PVP You can build your base in a 20k border radius and Teleport killing is allowed. So be carefull or you will be PVP’ed by players. Vanilla 1.18 Mechanics with added features such as custom weapons


These minecraft monsters are boring! No challenge and does not give any good loot. We fixed that! We have custom loot, Strong mob bosses, and A real challenge. When you dont like to PVP You can always grind and get stronger by fighting monsters in this world. There is enough content on the lifesteal minecraft server so come join us!

Lifesteal SMP

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