Absolute Chaos

Type:Bedrock 1.17.41VanillaSurvivalPvP
Players: 1/35
Checked: Disabled
Score: 4
Votes: 1

Welcome to

Badger's Home of Chaos

Created By BadgerMan9999

Mission Statement:

This is a server that is open to absolute chaos, Pvp is the idea, stealing loot is the game.

First Step to make Home Server Dedicated to Minecraft Bedrock Edition - Done Nov,21'

Second Step is to build a world full of buildings, npc's, stores, a central hub. Code different section of the map with command_blocks to effect the player in different situations. Get a Quest from a Npc, obtain item that acts as a key to next part of quest etc. -In Development Nov,21'

Third Step Build a community with advertisements and media content created for YouTube, Twitch, Game Jolt. Add more social sites. Possible Future sites Twitter, website for Updates and News, Hosted Forums (third-party I do not want sql). and Discord. These services will change per need and use. -Future Development

~Construction Projects~

Nov,21' World building ~ Current On going

Nov,21' Advertising ~ Current On going

Nov,21' Networking ~ Current Side Project

~Future Code Projects~

Land Claim


Block Exchange

Farm Economy

Role Playing Economy Class/Ranks

Setup subdomain on Privet Server

Mini Game Server added to Network