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EuphoricNetwork is an SMP Server!

The EuphoricNetwork isn't just an ordinary SMP server, we have a lot more features! Such as the following:

Auctions: '/Ah' is a command you can use to open the Auction House! The auction house is a GUI menu where anyone can sell unwanted treasures to other players for In-game money!

Quests: '/Quests' is a command you can use on our network, for all of your quests to be listed for you in chat! Once a quest has been completed, it'll be removed from your quests and replaced with a new one!

Jobs: '/Jobs' is a command you can use to tell you All about player Jobs. The command '/Jobs Browse' opens a GUI menu, which has all of the Available jobs listed! (Choose a job & Complete is to earn In-game Money!)

StorageVaults: '/PV' is a command you can use to open a StorageVault. StorageVaults are basically double chests that you can open to store loot anywhere, any time! (Member Rank +)

Envoys: '/Envoy' is a command which tells you when the next Envoy starts. Envoys are chests which drop within the Sky border in the SafeZone realm! These chests contain good loot to get you started!

Crates: Crates appear in your inventory whenever you vote, or purchase them on our webstore! Crates are chests which you need a key to open. Within these chests, you can obtain Good loot to make you Much richer!

All this & many, many more features!