Voice Chat Minecraft

A public SMP with proximity voice chat!

Location:USUnited States
Type:#proximitychat#voicechat#discordModdedSurvivalVanillaPvPEconomyPvELand Claim
Players: 18/50
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Score: 30
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Voice Chat Minecraft is a simple semi-vanilla survival server with tweaks to help enhance vanilla gameplay! Our server name was kept basic, as we are embracing a new way to enjoy the game. Voice Chat Minecraft is about interacting with others and socializing in ways that wouldn't be possible on a regular survival server. Anyone is welcome to join, as there is no whitelist.

What we offer:

- Simple and beginner friendly server

- Easy to install modpack which doesnt change core gameplay

- Custom advancements (Blaze and Caves Advancement Pack)

- Straightforward economy

- Small and chill community of players and staff.