Naxos Network

Survival,Factions and pvp

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Welcome to Naxos Network a Unique and different vanilla server with a twist, we offer plugins that enhance your experience

Here is what we use in our server to make your experience better!

Towny is used to establishing your own towns and preventing griefing, meeting new people and creating your own community

Jobs are available to help you make money to run your towns and buy stuff from the player auction house, a public marketplace for all players to sell items for money

We also offer a friendly community and an active staff team, our server is up 24/7 and provides an endless playtime experience we do however are always maintaining our server to ensure the full experience

We also offer a kit pvp server for you and your friends to fight each other, you can choose to join this from the hub server, you may also join from version 1.8 as it has 1.8 combot

You can join our discord server

any other questions please dm the owner at Ikeameatballs#0001