The Dark Age

Classic factions with a medieval twist!

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/1337
Checked: Disabled
Score: 7
Votes: 3

Come join us! Minecraft Versions [1.8-1.18 supported] Bedrock & Java

Do you miss old school factions? Well at least a few of us do, so we created ‘The Dark Age’! Throwing it back as a PLAY TO WIN, this medieval themed factions server hosts many great plugins to keep the game feeling fresh and challenging. Factions, mcMMO, Rank-up, No OP Kits, Balanced Economy, and much more. Get your swords ready and come grind with us on a proper factions server.

Type /info in game for basic information about the server.

/rankup includes:

Slave, Slave-plus, Peasant, Knight, Vassal, Lord, King

World border:

Overworld: 15k x 15k

Nether: 5k x 5k

End 250 x 250