Farland is a medieval fantasy nautical server

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Farland is a medieval fantasy nautical server with the potential for steampunk flare. Sail the seas, explore the dungeons, trade in the towns, and with a fully functional cannon and firearm arsenal you can plunder to your heart’s desires. Avast me hearties, yer home!


- Catered custom gameplay  - Mature experienced staff  - An enriched survival experience  - Town-based economy  - Custom mobs  - read more below...

Players will be able to run trade routes by buying trade goods at one town and selling it at another for profit. They will also be able to enjoy building, and can secure their builds with claim blocks that can be purchased at the Spawnton bank. Want to test your mettle? Dungeons will be a place to try and get gear that can’t be crafted in game. Unique, powerful, weapons and armor, maybe even hidden permits for unique firearms, or licenses for unique ships.

  Almost all permits and licenses are purchasable in-game with in-game currency, we aim to avoid any and all Pay-to-Win scenarios. Save up your currency to buy a permit to use a more powerful firearm, or a license to set sail on a new ship. Different firearms and ships do different things, find what best suits you and have fun, or aim to own it all like a true Admiral of the Fleet or Pirate Lord.

  We also have custom achievement titles. If you fulfill the requirements and earn one of these achievements, you will be able to change your in game prefix to the achievement title. That way, everyone can know just how good you are and what you’ve accomplished.

  We’re trying to create a unique atmosphere and are trying to add as many custom mobs, weapons, accessories, as we can, so come back often to see what’s new.


- EasyElevators: Farland is home to “EasyElevators Recoded” which adds realistic elevators in minecraft.

- Movecraft+: Open seas naval warfare with working ships and cannons.

- Firearms: Working pistols, rifles, and blunderbusses to help you defeat your enemies.

- Guilds: Found powerful guilds, with purchasable guild wide buffs, and battle in guild wars for rewards.

- Loot Chests: Chests with loot are scattered all around the server, loot them every day.

- Player Claims: Using a custom claim tool you can claim protected land, but be weary other’s can `/siege` your claim and try to raid you.

- Dungeons: Test your mettle in tough dungeon full of custom challenges, with unique rewards. (New equipment, new mechanics, new licenses and permits) (COMING SOON)

We are:

- A small group of experienced server owners who have been hosting/working/developing small servers since 2012.

- Players/Owners who have various levels of experience in all aspects of the gaming community

- People invested in Minecraft, Movecraft, and more.