Echoes Vanilla

Community for those without community

Location:USUnited States
Players: 3/32
Checked: Disabled
Score: 9
Votes: 4


[i]1. Do not intentionally make the server unplayable.

2. Do not doxx other players or break the law.[/i]

Anything not specified above is fair game!

0-Some notes about the server:

- Echoes has been running on the same map (albeit under a few different names) since August 1st of 2017.

- 100% vanilla; no plugins.

- Dozens of custom commands. All our commands are added via a chat bot, written by our staff. View a full list of commands here:

- We've got a lot of different custom NPCs and random encounters players can engage with for a unique multiplayer experience.

- There's an in-game radio that uses the server resource pack to play 8-bit versions of 80s pop hits (as well as some Kazakh nationalist music and JustinRPG songs). Songs are interspersed with narration from a neurotic, delusional robot named Salt Shaker.

- Unlike other servers with minimal rulesets, griefing isn't encouraged (but not explicitly banned).

- We're looking for self-reliant players who don't need someone to hold their hand.

- Spawn is very old and heavily griefed; it's quite difficult to escape, but you spawn with all the materials you need to make it out in one piece.

- We're running a couple special data-packs that modify the terrain on our map. There are 30+ new biomes, new structures, and even the vanilla biomes have been beautified.

- We also have a modded server, hosted at! It runs a custom mod pack, which you can download here:

We hope you'll join us.