Kingdom SMP

Kingdom SMP The best cross play smp

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Kingdom SMP is the answer to the question “How to play minecraft cross platform”


You can play on the Kingdom SMP server from:

  • PC (Java, Bedrock)
  • Phone (Android, Ios, Windows Mobile)
  • Console (PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X)


⛩️How to Join?

☕How to join the cross play server on Java? 

  • Simply click join, copy the java ip address, open minecraft, click multiplayer then add new server and paste in the ip and click add

​🧱How to join the cross play server on Bedrock? 

  • Simply click join, copy the bedrock ip, open minecraft, click play then servers then add new server, paste the ip and click save

🕋How to join the cross play server from console? 

  • imply click join, copy the bedrock ip, Go to here, paste the ip in and join from your console


Kingdom SMP not only allows minecraft players to play cross platform but also makes the experience more enjoyable with its custom plugins, commands and so on


The length of a season is based on the activity of players the less players that play on a season the more likely it is to be reset

  • All previous seasons can be downloaded from the page Seasons


Kingdom SMP uses DataPacks and Plugins to improve your playing experience



  • 🔶️No Items With Impossible enchantments
  • 🔶️No Hacking
  • 🔶️No Griefing
  • 🔶️Ender Dragon Fight Is a Multiplayer Event
  • 🔶️No Spamming Chat
  • 🔶️No Duping Items
  • 🔶️No stealing


  • 🔷️No Spamming Chat
  • 🔷️We Have a Chat For Promoting

💾Server Info

  • 🗃️Server Host: ShockByte

🔌Software: PaperMC