Alaurin Roleplay - Reborn

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Alaurin Roleplay - Reborn

Welcome to Alaurin, the realm filled with torrents of magic, the clashing of steel, and the ever looming armies of monsters and beasts that wait in the dark. This server takes place in a high fantasy, medieval setting. We are a serious roleplay server that aims to please all tastes that are around. Whether you wish to play the simple farmer or take a risk and try to reach the throne, anything is possible if you play smart and keep on trying. Now whether you are new to roleplay or a veteran looking for a fresh perspective to medieval fantasy, this server is welcoming to all. Now, let's give you a glimpse of what you can choose from if you wish to begin this journey!

Quite recently, Arendan- the powerful kingdom lead by Lord Ducatti Wulfic - sent out an expedition party to investigate a small hunting town in the North, previously lost in time. Now rediscovered and re-colonized, this cold, barren landscape has awoken an ancient evil.. After the adventurers ignorantly melted the ice keeping thousands of undead in stasis, the area around their new home has been deadlier than ever, previously just occupied by uncaring locals and wild animals.. With the horde slowly lumbering ever-closer to Oakhaven, the adventurers are presented with a simple choice; eliminate the source, or die.