Lifesteal Origins SMP

Welcome to the Lifesteal Origins SMP!

Location:USUnited States
Type:ModdedlifestealOrigins ModPvP24/7UptimeFabric
Players: 0/100
Checked: Disabled
Score: 8
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Lifesteal Origins SMP

Welcome to the lifesteal Origins SMP! If you are familiar with the origins mod we have all the base origins PLUS more and a few custom origins. We also have lifesteal implemented that adds to the pvp aspect of the server! Our server is on the smaller side currently, and we are working on expanding our players. Origins are mostly balanced, but we are always open to adding new balanced ones! Some origins we already have are, ( This is not the full list because they are constantly being added ) -Origins- Frogling Libra Mothling Phantom Kitsune Blazeborn Piglin Inchling Merling Canine Enderian Truffle Floran Feline Shulk Elytrian Avian Arachnid We also have plenty of origins classes! -Classes- Farmer Rancher Miner Lumberjack Cook Blacksmith Cleric Merchant Explorer Warrior Archer Rogue Beastmaster Butcher Wandering trader Baker We have multiple other structure and QoL mods that make your experience on the server more fun! The server is on 1.18.2 (fabric) and has a strong host with 16GB as well as i9-9900k. The modpack is small, and is able to run easily on smaller pcs. We are welcoming to anyone who would like to join, and are a safe place to the LGBTQ+ comminuty.