AetherNetwork Modded Origins RP

Freaking war rp server

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/40
Checked: Disabled
Score: 19
Votes: 10


+ THIS IS A Survival MP SERVER. Raiding and Stealing are allowed when at war, and you CANNOT claim land. Do not ask about claims. There is NO WAY to make a claim. I WILL punch you.

+ Duplicated ("Duped") items are considered contraband. If you are discovered with a dupe stash it's a ban (temporary). Your second offense will be permanent. If you happen to discover a duplication glitch, either report it to the staff so we can ban the item, or keep it your personal secret. Keep ALL duped items off of the market. Duplicating weapons, including bombs, will flat out get you a ban.

+ We allow free speech, by all means. However, if a conversation goes too far, it will be cut short by moderators or admins. Religious/Political discussions have no place here. Bullying and harassment will also not be tolerated. Memes are fine. We love a good meme. Just keep your memes, like.. vaguely civil.

+ No spamming! This includes all forms of large text paragraphs. Ignorance of warnings from players or staff will result in a mute, and eventually a ban if you don't learn your lesson. Got something long as fuck to say? Take it to Pastebin, or just elsewhere in general.

+ Do not bring external drama into the chat. This INCLUDES the discord. If you don't take it to PMs i'm gonna post the fuck up.

+ Crashing the server intentionally without reporting it will result in a permanent removal from the server, don't try me.

+ Racism and Anti-Semitism have no place in this community, Take that shit to your iPhone memos would ya?

+ Any and all war declarations must come with a reason, if they don't have a reason associated and somebody reports that you have been raiding them, you will be temporarily removed from the server.

+ 'Bookbanning' people will also get you banned. Think of the consequences before you go throwing forbidden knowledge at people. Trust me, forbidden knowledge and I go waaaayyy back.

+ Obey staff requests and warnings. Do it or I'll peel you like an onion.

- Discord Server

- Modpack is in the Discord