FilthScape Official - Modded MC RPG

Heavily inspired by old school MMOs and RPGs like Runescape. No P2W, No Kits, No Lootboxes.

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FilthScape Official - Modded MC RPG

🌈Join the Discord ( to get instructions on how to join our server.🌈

🌈Some features of our server!🌈

💜No Inventory Drop on Death and No Mob Griefing (mobs breaking blocks)! We're a casual group, of course it's off.

💜An overworld that's (almost) entirely safe, with no mob spawns (mostly). Build and fish and farm in peace! You choose when to engage in combat. Night time is even safe in the Overworld.

💜Land Claims so that you can build without worrying about anyone messing with your home, belongings, or pixel art.

💜Fully curated modpack with many custom changes for balance and fun. (I have put about 1100 hours into building the modpack and server) Hours of playtesting and bug fixing, thanks to our community.

💜Full RPG experience with Reskillable: gear with required levels, perks, and progression. I (almost) guarantee you haven't played MC like this before!

💜A custom Adventure Dimension, NetherEx, and Atum Dimension just for adventuring, so you can still slay as your heart desires.

💜 Active Discord community that play many games together. You're not joining an MC server, you're joining a large gaming community that seeks to build long lasting friendships.