NetherGames Network

Welcome to the NetherGames Network.

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NetherGames Network

Welcome to the NetherGames Network, a friendly community-based Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) server network for 1.8 players.

Battle Royale, Bedwars, Block Hunt, Build Battle, Duels, Factions, Murder Mystery, SkyWars (solo and teams mode) and Soccer. Setup a party with /party (requires voting) and let all your friends join the same match and play the same games across the whole network with you.

PvP minigames not your taste? Don't worry - join our Creative server and build your dream house or join other players in roleplay, or battle your friends to find out who is the master builder in Build Battles. You can also take your fights out to the soccer pitch in our Soccer minigame. Still not interested? Try find your other players disguised as a block in our Block Hunt gamemode!

Discord: NG | Community Discord