The first 3D Minecraft Gun Server, Ever.

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Welcome to GunColony! GunColony is a Minecraft gun server for all kinds of Minecraft players interested in shooter-style gameplay. We have an exceptionally advanced system of shooting mechanics, and a fairplay-focused unlock system synced between all three of our gamemodes, Mob-Arena, PVP, and Infected.

*****The #1 Best Gun Server In The World*****

> Ballistics system - realistic bullet speed, drop, and drag, block and entity penetration, and damage dropoff over range

> Recoil system - view punch, Rust/CS:GO styled recoil patterns, shotgun spread patterns, dynamic spread, and an accuracy indicator below crosshair

> Scope system - sneak-to-scope, unique scope reticles for different guns, plus sniper scopes zoom in with the maximum zoom level Minecraft allows

> Weapon handling - realistic rate of fire values, advanced reload system, weapon swap delay, and burst-fire and suppressor toggle

> Modifications system - upgrade weapon to unlock modifications that affect weapon performance, while maintaining game balance

> 3D Models - 100% realistic, custom-made 3D model for every one of the 50+ weapons in the server

> Aesthetics - bullet tracers, muzzle flash particles, and unique firing, reload and swap sounds for each gun

*****Not One, but Three Unique Game Modes*****

> Mob-Arena - The classic Mob-Arena with a twist. Fight with a gigantic arsenal of 30+ different kits depending on your primary weapon, against a large variety of monsters including Creepers, Undead Horse, and the Wither, on three difficulty levels. Deaths are punishing, as dead players only respawn if alive players defeat a boss. Defeat the final boss to win.

> PVP - Fight against other players in six PVP modes, including Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Elimination, Bomb Defusal, Arms Race, and Scenarios. Whether you like the casual gameplay of Call-of-Duty's Deathmatch, the intensity of CS:GO's Bomb Defusal, or even storming the Normandy beaches in World War II with authentic weapons, our PVP mode has got you covered.

> Infected - Defeat Zombies or become a Zombie in this CoD-style Infected game mode. Hide or fight under the hindrance of a limited ammo supply and the constant threat of player-controlled Zombies. Survivors win after 3 minutes, while Zombies win if they infect all survivors before time is up.

*****Constant Updates and a Friendly Community*****

> The owner is his own developer. All core features of the server are custom coded, and you won't find the same experience anywhere else.

> Updates are guaranteed EVERY WEEK with fresh content and bug fixes, which is why GunColony never gets stale.

> We have a special emphasis on game balance that you won't find in any other server. Building up your arsenal adds variety, but not power.

> We are a small, friendly community with a passionate staff team, and we frequently adopt suggestions as well as player-made maps.