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Howdy Folks!

In this high-tech world of fast paced gaming and even shorter attention spans, I'll make my point before you get bored and--


Where was I?

TheGreatMC was created with the player in mind. It's not your usual Hardcore server : Players can "purchase" lives with the diamonds they mine in-game. There are monthly events planned to keep players interested, as well as the possibility to implement KitPVP! If this sounds like your cup of tea and you enjoy life on hard mode, here are the server rules :

[1] : NO faith bashing, debating, spamming or trolling

[2] : Respect staff and your fellow players

[3] : No nude or vulgar skins

[4] : No world downloader permitted, ever

[5] : No mods that change gameplay

[6] : No x-ray texture packs or the like that gives an unfair advantage

[7] : English only in the chat

[8] : No Satanic, Communistic or Fascist builds / speech

[9] : Don't be a d***

We are hiring! Youtubers and staff members are needed!