✨EliteStar Season 6 💫

We are a Minecraft Bedrock server played by iOS, Android and Windows 10 Users essentially.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/60
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EliteStar is a fairly new Minecraft Bedrock Edition server featuring factions/prison/pvp. Previously known as MythicStar, we have been around for two years with a vast trajectory striving to give you the best experience you can find in a Minecraft server.

As one of the servers with the most notable reputation, we have built a server based of player feedback. The opinion of our players has become the #1 axis for server development and we have been attentive to any comments or suggestions to continue improving the server overall.

In addition to being a strong gaming community, EliteStar has a staff team on board entirely committed to ensure the comfort you seek during your gameplay and provide you support when needed. We do really hope you enjoy our server to the fullest and that you can get the best out during your journey!


We are a Minecraft Bedrock server played by iOS, Android and Windows 10 Users essentially. Factions/prison/pvp is our motto, but other gamemodes have been added also, including spleef and TNT Run.

As very few servers in the competition, we run custom plugins developed to the specific needs of the server and maintained also by us. Our maps are fully custom built by excellence Java builders. We also have one of the best infrastructure behind, backed up by OVH's dedicated hardware and its leading anti-DDoS protection. This allows us to have the server up and optimally, with no lag and an uptime of 100.00%.

Some of the features we have to offer:

  • -Spawners & Mob Stacking
  • -Envoys
  • -Drop Parties
  • -Crate Keys
  • -Vote Parties
  • -Crystals
  • -Bosses
  • -God Kits
  • -Lucky Blocks
  • -Auction House
  • -Item Rename
  • -Player Vaults
  • -Quests
  • -Bounties
  • -Money Withdraw & Experience Bottles
  • -Referral System
  • -Discord Linkment
  • -Account Grouping
  • -Private Chests
  • -Home & TPA System
  • -Tags
  • -Player Heads
  • -Advanced Duels
  • -More than 140+ Custom and Vanilla Enchants
  • -Many Seasonal Features and Updates-Giveaways & Events

This list falls short with the server constant updates and additions, many of them suggested by our players. So come venture and check it out on your own, we have much more to show!