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Bedwars Practice Server

I've been working on a bedwars practice server to practice your bedwars skills.

It has solo modes like bridging practice where as the name suggests you can practice different forms of bridging. And technques such as tnt jumps, block clutch, ladder clutch, bed burrowing practice and more!

For multiplayer modes I have perfectly replicated bedwars itself for 1v1s and 2v2s aswell as my own custom modes for practice like bed bridge fight, obstacles, block sumo and more!I hope you join and enjoy!

Server IP:


I encourage you to join the discord server if anything, as there may not be many players on at the moment. If there are no players on when you join, you can still play the techniques!



Thomas Hegarty
26 August 2020 16:03

The best server to practice bedwars

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