Join Uneasy Alliance today, good luck.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 6/100
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 0

It’s simple: you want to play survival Minecraft. You want people who aren’t cheating to play with or maybe even against. You hate those typical factions plugins with claiming land and tpa commands. You want as close to a vanilla experience as possible while also having zero rules in the game world itself. Uneasy Alliance is your server. We’re not anarchy, rather more lawless than anything else.

You can do whatever you want in-game as long as you follow these simple few rules:

#1 No hackclient, utility mods or anything that gives a player more advantage than others.(The Badlion client, Optifine, shaders and litematica are allowed.)

#2 No X-Ray texturepack or anything that is not deemed to be vanilla.

#3 No doxxing or real life threatening.

#4 No lag-machines or deliberate overuse of server capacity.

#5 No ban evasion or assistance with ban evasion.

#6 Knowingly allowing a teammate to hack while a mod is observing, being caught allowing another teammate to hack will also get you banned.

That's it, if you want the full range of survival gameplay in a setting where someone might just be waiting behind any nether portal to kill you, where you can build or say anything you possibly could ever want, where the only staff interaction is to ban cheaters and make sure the server is running well, then this is your spot.

Join Uneasy Alliance today, good luck.