Social Hangover


Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 5/32
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 0
Social Hangover

Social Hangover | 1.16 👽

A refreshing semi-vanilla Minecraft experience,with no grief, micro-transactions or vote rewards.

📺 Streamer friendly

Founded with love by a couple of Twitch streamers. You and your community are more than welcome here.

❌ No land claiming

Build wherever and whatever you want. Let your creativity flourish!

❌ No teleports or warps

There's no /tp, /home or /spawn. Get around via an extensive ice highway network. There are plenty of places to visit!

💰 Player-run economy

No economy plugins! The economy is entirely managed by our community. Visit our shopping district at 0,0 in the overworld!

🤗 More than a Minecraft server

We're extremely active on Discord. Come join our weekly party game and karaoke nights.