Civilizations [MC RP]

Empire Building Roleplay

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Civilizations [MC RP]


Join a server envisioned to promote players to forge their own path in roleplay. In this server, Industry, Expansionism, and Fantasy collide. Choose to explore you will find a world open for taking. What will you do?

Will you join the ranks of the Imperial Guard, Defending the Land that gave you freedom?

Will you join in the politics of the old world and lobby for all in the Empire's rights?

Will you found a new empire and help newcomers to this region? Help them find refuge from expanse? Or choose to become a bandit leader robbing the travelers or the Empire you once were a part of?

Or Will you choose to do nothing at all?

How will you choose to bring up yourself and those around you to keep them from dying?

Whatever role you choose to take on will impact everything around you. A simple robbing could end up being the downfall of an up-and-coming nation. Everyone has their own goals, but you choose yours. Welcome to MC RP's Civilizations...