Minecraft. The Simple Way.

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Players: 19/30
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We are a Simple MC server with very few plugins. No flashing signs or Pay2Win crap.Claim Blocks. Place a block down, it protects some land. get them from play time. 



14 November 2020 20:38

Friendly community, the most fun I have had in a while! A good SMP server with crossplay, economy, lag free gameplay, nice staff, and especially an eccentric owner:D! Will definitely recommend this to anyone.

The Cubic Log
21 October 2020 09:25

good server friendly staff no hackers

Eric Hynes
23 October 2020 03:58

Awesome cross platform play java and bedrock play together. lag free server.

24 October 2020 19:27

I tried joining on my Xbox but it said unable to connect to world

8 November 2020 19:45

Nice, family friendly server for everyone. Compatible with both Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. Really laid back and a nice, chill community.

8 November 2020 19:48

Server is a simple server. Nothing crazy but that's what makes it good

8 November 2020 20:25

Friendly server! My friend suggested me to join this server and the community here is very nice and helpful. I've only been on this server for 3 days. I even invited my sister here lol. 10/10 will play again.

8 November 2020 20:47

Lag free, pro farms server that supports cross platform play

8 November 2020 22:58

I may be a little Biased But I have been playing on the Tranquil craft server(s) since season 2 I love how this community has grown and how the server has evolved over the course of almost a year. The staff are fair the owner is a bit cray cray but we love him!! and as stated in other comments it is cross platform so play on Bedrock or Java we dont judge!!!

10 November 2020 18:38

BEST server I have ever tried, nice economy sistem, educated players and good Staff. 10/10

10 November 2020 18:52

Wonderful community, and the biggest thing for me is that there is no lag.

24 November 2020 04:01

Very fun and lots of helpful people :)

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