Exile's Medieval Universe

A world set in both a futuristic and dark age!

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Players: 0/64
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Welcome to Exile's Relm

Set in Medieval times, what shal your fate be?

Fair warning: This server uses Forge 2838 for 1.12.2, a link will be posted at the bottom of this listing.

Our server has generaly no rules, items that aren't allowed are blacklisted and cannot be obtained, this includes any and all explosives.

One of our few rules is no Griefing, another is no cheating.

WE HAVE ANTI-CHEAT! Our custom system detects if users are using X-Ray, fly, or other forms of cheats and IP and Username bans the user! We can even ban entire machines based on MAC address!

Our theme is Medieval, and we've put much time and effort into making this as such, however, we didn't want to be completely boring to all users, so we've included some mods for the more technically inclined, such as OpenComputers, Computercraft, and IndustrualCraft2.

We feel its not right to try to show off our world with videos or images, so you'll need to log in and see for yourself! If you can find it, there's a large town surrounded by castle walls, that grows and improves every day. Eventually, we'll make a warp to just outside this citys walls! There's trading, homes for sale, and more!

What are you waiting for, what do you have to lose? Join us today! Patreon members for L.U.S.H and donators are compensated with custom ranks too!


Download our Modpack here: https://get.imexile.moe/files/pubmodpack.zip (this is also the "website" link set on this page!)

Download Forge here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven/net/minecraftforge/forge/1.12.2-

Connect using: s.imexile.moe as the server's IP!