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Friendly and chill server for those 18 and over.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/48
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 0

Join our discord at: to apply to the whitelist~!


1. Don't be rude. Respect your fellow players.

2. Listen to the admins and mods.

3. Claim your base. Items lost due to not claiming will not be replaced.

4. Fill in holes left by creepers you've encountered if they seem to be killing the beauty of the environment.

5. No floating trees.

6. Try to claim your graves ASAP. If someone needs a grave removed for building purposes, and the player with the grave is not online, the grave will be forcibly removed and items will not be returned.

7. NO NUKES. No large explosives.

8. No exploiting or x-raying.

9. PVP is only allowed if both parties agree to it.

10. You must be 18 or older to play on this server.

Basically: Common sense.