Flamebound 1.12.2

Build Massive Kingdoms, Conquer Land, Loot, Survive

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Property of RTOS CorporationOur fellow Pioneers, Scientist, Volunteers, and Casule client tell. We the RTOS have agreed on creating the Flamebound Project. With our research with time travel and studies on history, we need volunteers to go on a quest. A quest that challenges to fight and live in the middle ages. Where dungeons, dragons, villages, magic, raids, invasions, and loot. Where common thing among people. We want you to start from barebones to royalty, or legends, or even a warmonger. We want to observe and note down. To see what happened during that period in time. None things will be given when you arrived you only have the clothes behind your back. Towers shower the landscape full of loot, dangers, and bosses. You have a choice of what to do with the village folk. We won't intervene or mess around only add more people for our research. God Speed Everyone



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