Economy , RPG , Class & Skills . Plus Quest and Dungeons

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Welcome to Aristo

Aristo is a survival server that has a lot of RPG oriented features

Feature List:

> Custom Plugins

> Custom Features

> Custom Items

* There are over 250 collectibles and growing, there are always things to collect on Aristo.

> Skills

* Skills add something more to the PvP and PvE aspects of the server, You get special skills

that are exclusive to classes. Which then you can upgrade with Skill points via leveling up.

> Collection

* Collecting Vanilla items will unlock collection tiers, that can be used to unlock recipes,

cosmetics and rewards.

> Quests

* Over 991 Quests and more with daily, monthly, weekly quests

> Classes

* Choose your style of play, Classes have a different advantage over others. But don't stress

yourself when choosing, you can always change your mind.

> Land Claiming

> Guilds