Practice Club(1.8-1.16)

A Way to Practice for Any Situation in Minecraft

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Players: 2/700
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Practice Club(1.8-1.16)

1.8-1.16I've been working on a bedwars practice server to practice your bedwars skills. We are still looking for multiple positions such as moderators, admins, developers, and other special positions.It has solo modes like bridging practice you can practice bridging normally or on different bedwars and skywars maps. And technique's such as ladder clutching, speed clutch, horse clutch, and more.For multiplayer modes we have replicated bedwars and skywars itself for 1v1s and 2v2s aswell as our own custom modes for practice. We also have duels just like lunar and minemen and duels with bots similar to pvpland.We also have our own custom gamemodes and practices related to knockback just like antiac.And last but not least our own never seen before PVP techniques to improve things like accuracy and rod/snowball accuracy.Server IP: practiceclub.netDiscord: encourage you to join the discord server if anything, as the server is in early development and wont be released for weeks.