Shamans Of The Wind

Enter World Of Steam Punk

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After the failed attempt of first on creating a time travel portal. The RTOS corp decied on a second attempt. The technology is there, the foundations, and the blueprints. Are already set and are waiting to be tweak and studied.

RTOS hired a couple of more engineers on recreation the first time portal but fixing the errors that they have discovered avoid another explosion. Months went by the finally RTOS got the letter that the portal is done and is waiting to be shown. So top executives came to testing grounds for more supervisors approach. 

The testing is given a stamp of approval for future uses. The first assignment with the new portal is to travel to the industrial Victorian Era. Also knows as the Steampunk era. RTOS gives the message to pioneers and volunteers. 

"We the RTOS corporation has given the ok stamp for time travel. However, it only is used for experiments and research uses only. We have a destination in mind that is looking for pioneers and volunteers. We want you to head into the Steampunk Victorian era and do researches on current technology. To see what people can build with only steam related technology, Airships building, Steam related submarines, Retro technology. To build a factory or a relative way on automation. Lastly, we also seek to see what our pioneers and volunteers can create."