Toxigon OP Anarchy

The Best Anarchy Server On Minecraft

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/1
Checked: Disabled
Score: 17
Votes: 7
Toxigon OP Anarchy

Toxigon is an anarchy server that have custom god gears and items, its very popular and very hard to survive on your first days, but once you reach survival you will have lots of fun, there is wars, grief, and anything you could imagine, the server have no rules anything is allowed even hacking.

the only protected region is spawn, beyond spawn you can do whatever you want, this serve is having a blast, will have a long standing culture like 2b2t, you are allowed to dupe, abuse do whatever you want really, as long as it doesn't break the server it self.

Try to survive in the harsh environment of Toxigon world, fight other players, monsters or slay the ender dragon.

We have an in game currency that you can earn from voting, and can be used to buy various items.

Help other players build the highways of the world in the nether or the overworld, make new friends and make sure to invite your existing friends to the server so we can all have fun and enjoy minecraft together like it have never been before.

We have more than 30 new custom enchants for gears and items and you can easy obtain them via fishing.

The server have no moderators or admins to ban you, mute you or do anything, if you grief someone their base is gone forever, no rollbacks, no map resets, just like the real world the map is taking shape over the years.

Lest see if you will survive or you will give up and quit, TOXIGON is by far the most amazing server where you can enjoy minecraft anarchy without the hassle of losing teleport or sethome, you can sethome, tpa, and /spawn anytime you want, as we know 1.16.1 where the server started was not an easy game, more than a bed will have to do the trick, with the introduction of netherite its almost impossible to survive on a server full of players waiting for a chance to kill you, this is why sethome and /spawn is important in our case.