We are a classic Factions+mcMMO server with absolutely NO Donor advantages!

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⛔NO OP Donor perks⛔


👪Fun, Friendly, and Fair Admins🎉

☠REALBUBBAMC☠ - The way Minecraft Factions servers used to be!

Thanks for checking out REALBUBBAMC. We are a server dedicated to re-creating an old-school Factions experience in the current version of Minecraft. Our server features OldCombatMechanics, along with Factions and mcMMO, to bring combat in the server back to a pre 1.8 state. Along with this, our server is backwards compatible with all versions of Minecraft down to 1.8! Players can expect other elemets typical old-school factions servers here as well, such as: Bounties, a balanced Economy, Auctionhouse, playertrade, classic sponge mechanics, classic TNT mechanics, and many more! Join us, and be a part of a new community that takes pride in the ideas that made the old Factions servers good, fun, and fair!

🔌Plugins and features🔌

Our server is designed to be a simple, streamlined experience. However, we do strive to cover as many bases as we can in terms of plugins that have been typically featured in Factions servers throughout the history of Minecraft. With that being said, here is a list of all player accessible plugins:


Start a clan, claim land, and fight other groups of players across the over and underworlds!


Train various production and combat skills to help you gather resources or assist in your fight against monsters and other players!


Set bounties on players for other players to claim!


Challenge your friends - or foes - to duels for fun, money, items, or all three!


Create your own shop in a fancy GUI to sell items to other players!

🔀Proximity Trade🔀

Sell items directly to players for in-game money or items, in an inventory GUI.

🏠Player auction🏠

Sell your items on the auctionhouse for bids!


Allows you to teleport to a random place in the wilderness. Useful for getting to a safe location away from spawn when you first join the server

Beyond these plugin additions, in order to maintain a classic gameplay feel, we have disabled the following items: Shulker boxes, Chorus fruit, and Elytra. None of these items fit the environment that we are trying to set up for players, as we are trying to create a more classic feeling environment.

📜Rules and regulations📚

  We market this server as being classic and fair, but it will be good to mention that we do not have the kind of admin team that is keen on babysitting players. We really only aim to prevent glitch exploitation, hacking, spamming, and just eliminating issues that arise from people not using common sense. Other than that, the typical Factions trash talking of old is welcome here, as well as the stealing, killing, and griefing of your enemies. With that being said, however, we do ask that player art pieces be as untouched by grief as possible, as well as the natural landscape of the server. We do not intend to punish players unless we absolutely HAVE TO, and we as admins consider ourselves to be very not-sensitive and fair.