VIMC - SMP (Java + Bedrock)

1.7-1.17 Vanilla SMP | Java And Bedrock |

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Players: 19/32
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VIMC is a semi vanilla Java and bedrock ALL PLATFORMS SMP! The VIMC offer's the best SMP experience for survival!

• Java And Bedrock - We Support Java And Bedrock! We make sure all bedrock and java platform/clients can enjoy the VIMC experience!

• Plugins - VIMC has plugins that help inherence your Minecraft experience while playing on the VIMC SMP server.

• Verison Compatibility - Here on VIMC we allow you to play on any Minecraft verison from 1.7-1.17!

• Support - VIMC has a full Discord and Minecraft support team, full of well trained staff members ready to attend to your problems!

• Claims - VIMC claim system is there to ensure you never get griefed and your builds are protected with a Vanilla-feeling claim system.

• Economy - VIMC uses a diamond run economy system, keeps the nostoligic use of diamonds as a currency.

• Shopping Discrict - VIMC has a shopping discrict where you can sell and buy wares, we recommend you use it if your wanting something.

• Community - VIMC has a non-toxic playerbase of all ages, the friendliest of people. No doubt you will fit in!

• Content Creators - VIMC has tons of content creators you can watch and play with, you can even become one!

• No Resets - VIMC will never reset, meaning you can keep all your builds and progress for years on end.

Java IP:

Bedrock IP:

Bedrock port: 19132