Perfect Survival

Hardest Minecraft server!

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Hey! Are you tired of Survival being too easy? Hard difficulty is a joke and survival is lackluster at best. At Perfect Survival we’re fixing that.

What do we offer?

-Custom plugins handmade by our amazing Devs!

-Custom Mobs! -These guys are terrifying (and they drop custom loot)

-Land Claiming, Admins using Coreprotect will keep your home safe from any pesky players looking to torment you!

-Great small community and an active discord!

-Teleporters are used to teleport to homes and people instead of /home & /tpa

Player shops with a custom economy!

Custom End Biomes!

For the people that want to read more about us…

One of our custom plugins is made by our wonderful dev BurgerDaddy. The5thRing is something that really makes our server like no other you'll see! It works like this: You begin at spawn (obviously), where the mobs are custom, but not that hard to deal with. Surrounding spawn are 5 invisible rings, these rings are 800 blocks apart, and with each ring comes more difficulty than the last. In the First ring, mobs ain’t easy, but they wont one shot you! By the 3rd ring you’d better be packing some Enchanted Diamond, and be prepared to run for your life even if you are. In the Fifth Ring you’ll find the best loot, but it’s not for the feint of heart. You will die. You will lose your stuff. Your mommy won’t protect you. But if you’re like us at Perfect Survival, you’ll find out you’ve got what it takes you’ll build a base out there anyway and defend it!