The Second World

Jump back and forth between a fantasy and realistic world.

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The Second World

There are two worlds: The First World and The Second World.

Each world with its own limitations and benefits.

In The First World you are able to have a life free from magic and monsters, but you will have to depend on technology and science to survive.

In The Second World you are able to explore fascinating landscapes and magic, but you will encounter monstrous beasts along the way.



1. Be friendly and respectful.

2. No stealing, griefing, or trolling.

3. Follow server lore and expectations.



Genre: Towny, Adventure, Fantasy, Tech

Type: Modded w/ Plugins

Status: Version 1.0

Requirements: At least 4 GB of RAM

Server Page:

Server Address:





Mega (Mirror):




1. Install the latest 12.2 version of Forge / FML

2. Extract modpack files into mods folder in .minecraft

3. Allocate at least 4 GB of RAM to the forge profile

4. Join the server!

5. (Optional) Invite your friends