MC: Blood And Steel

Towny earth 1:1000 SMP

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 MC || Blood And Steel 

 MC: Blood And Steel! {1.16.3-1.16.4 Java}{Latest Release Bedrock} {Discord} {MCMMO}{EarthMap} {Towny} {Economy} {Dynmap} {FreshMap} {MythicMobs} {ItemsAdder} {Wars} {SilkSpawners} {NoWhitelist!} {Public Server}{NORESETS} {Failry New} {Small Community} {Slimefun} {PoliticsAllowed}

A Minecraft server based onto a 1:1000 Scale Earth map, where it puts the player in a field where they can build up the earth how they want it, will you be a dictator, wanting to take over the world, or will you be a fair leader, leading your towns and nations with honestly and fairness, that choice is truly up to you. You start your journey, you tell your own story, write history the way you want, and have fun! Create trade routes, create amazing builds with No fear of "Reseting!" We currently have Bedrock Support so we are always open to all!! 

Java Server IP => {!ip in the discord}

Discord =>

 Dynamic Map Link => {!dynmap in the discord}

 Guide Booklet =>

 Bedrock IP and Port =><<< 25565 >>>

 Staff Message 

We hope you give us a chance, and help grow our communtiy, we have big plans, server events, and really want to see Great builds being built on this server, and see players having fun, in fair PVP fights, and negotiations and trading! we try to recruit only active staff so there should be a staff online at all times, if there isnt we have tickets where you can report bugs, and hackers in our discord!