Realistic, unique, harder and new survival experience.

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Players: 1/100
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AfterWorldly is ready for you to join! AfterWorldly is a realistic survival experience with custom terrain generation, custom dungeons, inventory weight, thirst, temperature, revives, giants, bloodmoons, and more. The intense nature of this survival server will provide a new challenge for even the most veteran of players, causing them to need to adapt their traditional playstyles to survive. The server is a unique take on the survival genre with many realistic features that focus on community, teamwork, and the use of realistic survival instincts. Join AfterWorldly now! IP: Both Bedrock AND Java can play on this CROSS-PLATFORM server! Join the same IP! (port 19132 on Bedrock) Discord: Our community is made up of English and Spanish-speaking players devoted to having the most exciting survival experience.