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Caldera is a new, fun and exciting community where players of all interests work together in a vast world of towns and nations, toward the common objective of mastering one of nine highly engaging guilds!

In Caldera, players choose from one of nine guilds, each of which offer 7 unique ranks that can only be earned through in game achievements. In Caldera, there is a guild offered for just about every Minecraft skill imaginable, so players of all kinds will always have something fun and exciting to work toward! Additionally, the guilds are competitive, so earning the top rank means you need to be the best of your craft!

Although Caldera has over 50+ plugins and over 60+ ranks to earn, we are so much more than just another content based server - we are a community of friends. In being such, we enjoy running a variety of fun and engaging community events! Everything from PVE events with custom mobs, to Build Tournaments, 1v1 PVP tournaments, Town PVP Tournaments, Treasure Hunts, Paint and Lore Contests, Parkour Tournaments and more are all done in our server!IP: mc.calderaminecraft.comWe also play in a vast and immersive world of high quality custom terrain, filled with many unique sites, perfect for starting that ideal town!

Finally, our community is lead by an experienced team of friendly staff members who will be there to support you throughout your journey. We also run on a dedicated server with over 32 GB of ram, and are constantly working to eliminate all technical issues, to ensure a top quality playing experience!