Swordcraft Network Worldbuilding

The First Bedrock And Java Crossplay Towny Siege War Worldbuilding Server

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Swordcraft Network Worldbuilding

Welcome to the very first CROSSPLAY Towny Worldbuilding Minecraft Server, or at least the one that's closest to Stoneworks. Swordcraft was founded by myself and some fellow Stoneworks players. So if you're on Bedrock and want to play something like Stoneworks or you're on Java and want Stoneworks but slightly more difficult, you've found the right ad.  Swordcraft Has:


⚔️Siege War With Battle Phases Only Happening On Weekends 

🛣️No Teleport So People Use Actual Roads And Horses (The Map Is Also Reasonably Sized, Making It Easier To Get From Point A To Point B) 

🗺️No Dynmap As An Incentive To Explore And Make Your Own Maps 

🐴Craftable Saddles To Make Getting Rideable Horses Easier 

🌍A Custom Map After The Main World Releases 

🚫No Limits As To What You Can Do Or Be (As Long As You Don't Name Yourself After A Real Life Country/Town)

This is server is the future of Minecraft worldbuilding as we know it, and you can play it right now. Just DM me here on Reddit or leave a comment.