Skyblock and Nations/RPG!


A network home to Tales of Imperia and Skies of Imperia!

Tales of Imperia is a 1.17.1 Nations Economy server with RPG Elements offering a unique and creative take on a Medieval Kingdom!

Skies of Imperia is a 1.17.1 Skyblock server with creative starter islands and a unique experience! Choose your bloodline and rank up to unlock exclusive perks! Season 2 starts October 1st, 2021!

Tales of Imperia Features

~ Customized McMMO ~ 50+ Quests ~

~ Daily Tasks ~ Balanced Economy ~ Towns ~

~ Custom Lore ~ Server Events ~

Skies of Imperia Features

~ Unique Islands ~ Bloodlines ~

~ Voting Rewards ~ Spawner Trade Ins ~

~ Casino Games ~ Crazy Crates ~