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Knockturn Networks prides itself on having a mostly custom plugin server. In addition to a map built by our own builders, many of the plugins on the server are unique, and therefore impossible to find in other servers. We have a multi-server environment that currently has Hogwarts, Towny, and Skyblocks, and various other fun activities to keep you occupied. We are a free-to-play server and follow the E.U.L.A. closely, and believe there is no such thing as pay-to-win, our small donation shop only has fashion items that have zero effect on game play and plenty of effect on your style.

  The Hogwarts side of the server features around 400 spells, and is always expanding! There is constant development, so while you may come to the server with certain plugins working one way, more features may be added. We have a fully automated class system that allows you to attend classes no matter your time zone. While we automate classes, we also have professors who teach classes in a roleplay style!

Features on Hogwarts

-- Automated Classes

-- Custom Minigames

-- Over 400 Spells

-- Magical Items and Creatures

-- Quidditch Seasons

-- Moving Stairs

-- Password Doors

-- Custom Potions Plugin

-- Customized Stats

-- Year Progression

-- Monthly Events

-- Custom Pets