Wizard's Crucible

Modded Magic Raid PVP MMORPG Experience like no other!

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Wizard's Crucible

Delve into the lost magics of Wizard’s Crucible to uncover secrets and gain an edge over your opponents. Nothing is sacred In this Raid/PVP server, where only the most cunning and determined Magi are able to forge their story in the Wizards Crucible. Follow the path of Nature and discover the secrets of Botany or explore the lost treasures scattered across the overworld and unearth hidden troves seek power within the roots of this dimension, or venture to others! Seek power in the depths of Hell, will you sell your soul to gain great power and control the realm? Perhaps you prefer forbidden magics, that even the Demons have left untouched, sacrificing the life-force of yourself and those around you to fuel your ambitions. Prefer a more direct approach? Forge your own equipment to fend off challenging boss monsters. Those who take to hiding their presence may live in peace, or sneak up on you when you least expect it. Forge your tale in the Wizard’s Crucible alone or as a clan! With a dedicated server with features such as a full economy, auction house, jobs, a full suite of commands, events, and much more! Test your mettle in the lag-free, claimless, and unique experience that is Wizard’s Crucible!